Thursday, January 19, 2006

Local Area Bounce

Objectives of this flight: Shoot some Touch and Goes. Instrument flying has been great, but my first love in aviation has always been the landings. That sweet squeak when the mains just kiss the asphalt and you feel the struts gently contract... well, if you don't know I can't explain it to you.

It's the middle of January and the temperature is in the mid 60's, clear as it gets and I have some money in my 'prepay' account. Got to the airport about 4:00. My CFI is sitting in lounge waiting for another student and asks where I'm going. After all this time and effort to get my Instrument ticket back, its hard to believe that I just want to go out and bounce.

Normal preflight, taxi and runup. Its busy today and I have to wait a few minutes before cleared for takeoff. The plane jumps into the air when no one is in the right seat. It has been awhile, no climb checklist since I'm staying in the pattern. (What are my settings and speeds?) It all comes back quickly. Tower calls, looking for traffic and making appropriate corrections for spacing comes easily now.

8 total, 4 good (3 great), 4 "OK" (1 salvaged...balloon), full flaps, half flaps, No flaps, and all with a mild (6-8kt) left crosswind. I had a smile on my face the whole time. "Peaceful", "At Home", "Comfortable" is how I would describe it.

Next time I'll have to wander away from the patch and go explore something, but today was a good day just to bounce.

Time = 1.1

*the track was created using Magnalox. (#1152 'Local Bounce'.)

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Mandy said...

it's good to get out once in a while, eh? :-)